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Friday, March 4, 2011

Bakah's Bags a great product for a purpose

You have got to see these CUTE bags. I asked Bekah to write up something about them to post here. These would make great gifts, bags for music, that reading or art that goes in the car on long trips, a bag for a kid's quiet activity for church, school, meetings, etc. So many uses and giving to a good cause too.  She also has onsies with animals on them. If you are interested in a different country shape she can do a special order for you too. I saw she did on of Bolivia, which is so cool to me because we used to live there. So, here it is! Bekah's Bags........

I originally began making these bags to sell to fund a mission trip to Guatemala last summer. (read about it where we went here ) I loved it so much, that I decided I want to go back, so I am making bags to help raise money again! 

The Africa on these bags are all hand sewn on. I can either sew on just the outline of the Africa (like on the black bag) or use a fabric that matches the lining (like on the brown & pink bag)
"Great seller and bag! I love it. Very well made and pretty. Looking forward to using it. My daughter loves it, too."

"[My daughter] said she uses the bag I bought all the time! She loves it!"

"We own THREE and they are VERY well made! You will NOT be disappointed if you buy one!"
  I also can do custom orders. I can do different color combinations, different country/continent on front, etc. 
They are $20 plus $2.50 shipping!
You can buy the bags and see more examples here  

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