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Monday, November 29, 2010

comfort items for your carry on bag, international flight packing list

I just returned from Australia. This is my fourth LONG flight trip in my life and I just can not seem to get it together for the comfort items needed for such a long flight. I have now created a list. So, thought I would share since many of you are about to take a long flight. :)

For more on packing lists and things for kids see the packing list post here.

But, now here is a list for comfort items.
  • Empty water bottle, they will fill for you and it is really nice to get a sip whenever you want it. Kids too.
  • whisp tooth brushes, these are those little one time use things you can put in your purse or lunch box. make sure everyone has one for there and home again. Invaluable.
  • mini travel deodorant *
  • body or facial wipes (baby wipes do the same for face, body and personal use)
  • mini purell **
  • mini lotion **
  • mini tissues
  • extra pair of underwear for there and home again
  • comb or the fold up one with a mirror
  • chap stick *
  • breath mints or gum -sugar free-, also good for take off and landing
  • energy bars for those in between flights with no snacks and the airport delays and lay overs and when the meal time is just off with your body schedule and you just can not wait. DO NOT take nuts, many countries do not allow the transfer of "seeds" and nuts falls into that category.
  • pencil and paper for those little notes you just might forget
  • u shaped neck pillow or something like that.
  • carabeaners (metal clip) to clip pillow to bag during transfers
  • your own ear buds the ones on the plane are not great. 
  • that flimsy cardboard/foam nail file (no clippers or mini pocket knives)
Of course if you have got a baby, toddler or preschooler you will also want:
wipes, bottle, diaper, extra outfit x2. toys and activities are recommended on my regular list. :)
    The items with a ** need to be put in a quart sized zip lock bag and scanned through security separately.  I have not had any problem with any of these. The  items with * are not a required item to be packed separately, but one security person did suggest that I include them in the bag, just in case..... whatever, not hard to do.

    Ok anyone else want to add?

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Nov 25

    Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. Everywhere else it is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. OK, I love Thanksgiving and I think we could combine the two--yes. All the men watching football could be inundated by advertisements void of the maltreatment of women.......... and others promoting kindness and consideration to all, and the elimination of violence against women and children. Our homes could be places that are safe for us and for others who need a safe haven.  I am in Australia and if I can find the poster again I am going to photograph it. It is awesome! Basically it states that it is time for men and boys to come together in support of their mothers and sisters and wives, It is great, It takes us all, start now with those around you, promote in your sphere and do something with your resources to eliminate violence against women, in your home town and in your country and in the countries that hold your heart across the seas. Wear your white ribbon  and tell others what it is for, Start the trend! Nov, 25th Thanksgiving AND the international day for the elimination of violence against women.
    Good Day,

    International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

    Written by Anthea Basson, NIO   
    Thursday, 25 November 2010

    As we observe the 2010 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, let us acknowledge the widespread and growing efforts to address this important issue. No longer are women’s organizations alone. From Latin America to the United States, from Asia to Africa, men and boys, young and old, musicians, celebrities and sports personalities, the media, public and private organizations, and ordinary citizens are doing more to protect women and girls and promote their empowerment and rights.
    The social mobilization platform “Say NO-UNiTE” has recorded almost 1 million activities implemented by civil society and individuals worldwide.  In August this year at the fifth World Youth Conference in Mexico, young activists from around the world were clear in their message:  “It’s time to end violence against women and girls!”  Member States, too, are engaged.  As of November 2010, my database on the extent, nature and consequences of violence against women, which also logs policies and programmes for combating the pandemic, has registered more than 100 reports from governments.
    This year’s observance highlights the role the business community can play – from developing projects to providing direct financial support to organizations working to end violence and embracing the principles of corporate social responsibility.  The “Women’s Empowerment Principles”, an initiative of the UN Global Compact and UNIFEM, recognise the costs to business of violence against women and are now supported by more 120 leading companies.  A growing number of media outlets are bringing light to bear on so-called “honour-killings”, trafficking of girls and sexual violence in conflict, and are raising awareness about the benefits to society of empowering women.  Yet much more needs to be done.  In homes, schools and the office, in refugee camps and conflict situations, the corporate sector can help us to prevent the many forms of violence that women and girls continue to face.
    My UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign, and the Network of Men Leaders I launched last year, have generated welcome momentum and engagement.  The word is spreading: violence against women and girls has no place in any society, and impunity for perpetrators must no longer be tolerated.  On this International Day, I urge all – Governments, civil society, the corporate sector, individuals – to take responsibility for eradicating violence against women and girls.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Free Rice

    My daughter found this game today in her computer class at school. Free Rice. It is a web site where you play vocabulary games and win RICE grains. As you win them, a coordinating amount of food is donated through World Food Programme. Check it out.

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Christmas is coming!

    Christmas is coming.  Here are some ideas for adoption supportive gifts. Some are for adoptive families and others support adoptive families and the idea of adoption. In addition to these please click on the side bar labels tag for PRODUCTS. There are ton of great little companies and products out there. If you know of more please put them in the comments of this post so we can all go check them out! Share, share, share!

    little books about your family by My Creations here
    J Woods Jewelry makes the most fabulous stuff with your kids photos on it. WOW! I love it. This is just an awesome and very special gift for anyone you love. Mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, daughter. See it here.

    Scrapbook My Adoption is a site where you can create an adoption book. This is an easy idea for those who want to do one but find themselves not really into scrapbooking, with out time for it, or just need an easy way to get it done. Check them out.

    New book!!!!! In On It: What adoptive parents would like you to know about adoption. YES! Finally a book for all of you wanting to help your family fall in love with the idea of adoption and fill an important roll in your family. What they should know, what is different about adoption vs. birthing a child, how to interact, tactful things to say, etc...... Maybe this is just what you have been looking for. What a great way to announce your adoption to the grandparents. In On It.

    Mandy Moon site has some unique gifts on the theme of adoption and multiculturalism. Creative gifts for those you love with a theme you love.

    Deirdre and Company is another place for some really unique and cool jewelry. This can be for anyone, there is stuff on the adoption theme. There is stuff for moms, and other women in your life. Neat stuff. I like it a lot. Hop on over to see the shop.

    Junkposse has a wonderful selection of unique and utterly beautiful and unique jewelry items. Many with the theme of adoption and lots for mom, gram, sis and daughter. All lovely and handmade. This is an adoptive family. I have a necklace made by her and I love it. Good quality and good service. The box it came in was such a treat as well. See Junkposse.

    Another Etsy seller. Sara's Treasure Box.
    She has some cute adoption pendants. I love this one:

    TheRHouse is another Etsy site selling adoption jewelry and t shirts. Pretty cool and I think they do custom mommy necklaces. Hmmmm......... I like the hand stamped idea and look.

    Here is a link to another blog which has a great post on this topic and TONS of links to sites which sell gifts with a purpose. Visit Kat.
    Adoption Exchange has a page of gift ideas that give back or support adoption. While there is some overlap there are some other ideas too. Check it out here
    Well, have fun!

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Jewelry for sale to fund humanitarian trip to Ethiopia

    Looking for a way to support some work in Ethiopia and buy fun jewelry. Maybe Christmas shopping? Birthday? You are a good friend..... thank you........ etc. :)
    Check out Somewhere in Colorado. The crafter is raising money to go to Ethiopia to do some work at an orphanage. Check it out here.  Here is a very very small sampling of the jewelry you will find.

    National Adoption Day and Month

    November is National Adoption Awareness Month and celebrations are happening in every state. It is likely there is one near you. Or you can make one up yourself with some friends and family. Go here to find out about events near you and how to get involved.
    All the information about National Adoption Day can be found on the web site by that name. Here. has some great articles about National Adoption Day.
    Go here to read about it.
    Day by Day activities to celebrate can be found here.
    Some ideas include:
    share your families story on line or in an article somewhere.
    celebrate families created through adoption with a gathering.
    share in your child's classroom about the gift of adoption.
    buy a book about adoption for your school library or child's classroom library.
    work on your life books together
    work on a project to raise money and awareness for an orphan care project and adoption.
    celebrate your child's birth culture.
    watch an adoption themed movie.

    How did this all get started?
    In 1976, the governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, announced an Adoption Week for his state. Later that same year President Gerald Ford proclaimed that Adoption Week would be celebrated nationally. President Reagan proclaimed the first National Adoption Week in 1984. In 1995, President Clinton, proclaimed November as National Adoption Month.
    The celebration usually includes National Adoption Day with courthouses throughout the nation participating and hundreds of adoptions being finalized simultaneously.
    National Adoption Month is a time to celebrate family and to make others aware of the need for adoption here in the US through the foster care system. Many families also adopt internationally and this is a good time to also highlight that need, however the official focus is domestic adoptions. States, communities, and agencies hold events during the month to bring the need for families into public view.

    For information on celebrating see Celebrating National Adoption Month with day by day activities for ideas.

    This information was gathered from
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