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Saturday, August 27, 2011

posts where you can only see part of the post

I want to apologize for some of the posts on here. I realize that it sort of runs off the page on the right side. Like this last one. I have found out how to send some of the great email announcements for adoption related events to the blog for posting. In this way I am able to post without cut and paste from another site. However, it sends either a notice to go see it, which is great. Or it sends the whole email, which is also good, but it is not formatted for this blog design...... hence the run off. I don't really know how to fix that. I hope that you can get the information you need to decide if it is some thing you would like to check out further. I think at least the contact and source info is there for you to see more info on each one. So, I am sorry about the odd look of the thing, but hope you can still use the information!


Free Class Available for All Adoptive Families!

I think this is a great class. If you are adopting a child of any age you need to know about the effects trauma has on a child and their developing brain. YES infants too! This class is about infants. Please consider this.

The Adoption Exchange

Home Education Waiting Children Donate Now Forward to a Friend
The Adoption Exchange Heart - Small The Adoptive
Families Program
Empowered Adoptive Parenting Series continues…

It's A Package Deal
Your Children, Their Trauma


  September 13, 2011

Time:  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Adoption Exchange
14232 E Evans Ave
Aurora, CO  80014

Cost:  FREE
This is a Free class offered to all adoptive families.
Register below to secure your spot.

to Register Now

Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring food.



It's a Package Deal
This class will address how trauma affects the developing brain in infant adoptions. We will discuss the impact of trauma on child development, attachment and sensory integration, and will review the effects of neglect and issues of institutionalization. Practical parenting solutions provided.

Due to the sensitive nature of the material being discussed, we ask that you make other arrangements for child care.

Contact Denise Leffingwell at 303-755-4756, x222 (toll free 1-800-451-5246) or by email with questions.

Tell A Friend | About Us | Contact Us | Unsubscribe |  Facebook

The Adoption Exchange
14232 East Evans Avenue
Aurora, CO  80014

State Office Locations
Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[New post] Adoption Nutrition

Adoption Nutrition

Be The Answer | August 25, 2011 at 3:04 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

What children eat in their earliest months impact them for the rest of their lives. New research out of the University of Minnesota shows that under-nutrition in adopted kids is not always obvious and may actually worsen if gone untreated during the period of "catch-up growth" post-adoption.  Joint Council, in partnership with SPOON Foundation, is [...]

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Carnegie Council: Love and Legislation: The International Politics of Inter-country Adoption

This link to the Carnegie Council website has been sent to you from Jill Khaliqi,

Message from sender:
Here is a great article that sums up the issues of international adoption. It is a balanced view that takes into account the best interest of the child. With all the changes and news from the international adoption community it is good to have an article like this that brings things together for us to understand and reflect on reality.

Love and Legislation: The International Politics of Inter-country Adoption
By: Alison M. S. Watson
In an era supposedly characterized by a desire for pluralism, multi-culturalism, and hybridity, the many dilemmas of inter-country adoption demonstrate how far we have come, but also how far we still have to go.

Copyright 2007, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

Bananas, Kimchi, and Injera: What do they all have in common?

I have posted about this site here before. Want to give you a reminder that it is out there. This site on nutrition is a very very great site and one I would recommend all parents take a good look at. It answers loads of questions we all have and give some really great solutions. Check it out.

Having trouble viewing this email? View as a web page.

Dear Friend,
What children eat in their earliest months impact them for the rest of their lives.
SPOON Foundation and Joint Council, leaders in orphan policy and nutrition,
are pleased to announce, a comprehensive and cost-free nutrition and feeding resource for adoptive and foster families.
New research shows that malnutrition in adopted and fostered kids is not always obvious (even kids who look perfectly healthy are at risk!), and may actually worsen if gone untreated. is an important resource for adoptive and foster parents of children of any age, whether they were born across the world or a few miles away. Topics include:
The site also serves as a venue for adoptive and foster families to share their nutrition-related experiences and ask questions of an expert team. 
Free Kid-Friendly Global Recipes Cookbook!
Free Global Cookbook for Adoptive Families!

Visitors to the site can download a free book of kid-friendly recipes from around the globe. Click here to sign up for the cookbook!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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[Shared Post] Crossroads of America Adoption Conference 2011

A post has been shared with you!

Jill Khaliqi ( thinks you may find the following post interesting.

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Crossroads of America Adoption Conference 2011

Be The Answer | August 23, 2011 at 1:44 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

We are thrilled to be hosting the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference September 30 – October 1, 2011 in Indianapolis Indiana. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in adoption. WHO: There will be several well-known speakers in the adoption world. We will be blogging about many of our speakers leading up to the [...]

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Ethiopian Cultural Classes in Colorado Springs

Maya, who owns the Ethiopian restaurant here in Colorado Springs, would like to invite families to participate in the Ethiopian Culture classes she is offering. They start up again Saturday August 27th. There will be classes offered every Saturday from 9-10 am, you can choose to come to all or one or two a month, as you prefer. The class meets in a room above the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory downtown, 2431 W. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904All ages are welcome and it's free. The kids learn Amharic. They learn to read, write, speak and dance. It's free!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jill Khaliqi has sent you an email

Al Jazeera.Net

JILL KHALIQI ( wants you to see following article

Africa Rising

( )

Also he/she attached you the following message:

Here is an interesting story for you.

Africa Rising video and article

Just wanted to share this video and article regarding a group of Ethiopians using their natural resources well to feed their community. What if Africa could feed itself? What is holding it back? What help does it need to go forward in health and prosperity? Maybe this article and show will provide some of the answers.
View it here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Grief and Loss

I want to share some resources for Grief and Loss.
Our kids come to us with a great deal of loss. Yes, infants too. We all *know* that but it is hard to really know. 
Here are some great articles to help you learn about grief and loss for your child, what to look for and what you can do to help.
Children and Grief in Scholastic issues/resources,
There are links within this site to other articles. Be sure to check them out too.
Grief Guide
Children and Loss
Resources for families a safe place for kids to grieve online support
Grief Share for kids

Other posts here on Grief and Loss

Trauma, educate yourself to help your child succeed

I recently read some sites recommended by a fellow parent on an adoption board. I am so thankful to her for sharing these wonderful resources. I am posting these links here for you to learn from too.
It is important to acknowledge that all our adopted children come to us with some level of trauma and loss. Infants included. For our kids to succeed we have to understand the issues of trauma, what to look for and how to help our kids.
Check out these super great resources:
Child Trauma
Dr. Bruce Perry
Articles for Caregivers

PTSD signs

Adoption Seminar CO

Just want to let you know about a local, Colorado, event.
The Adoption Exchange is hosting 
Life Long Issues in Adoption

Life Long Issues in Adoption

Date:  Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Time:  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Penrose HousePenrose Room
1661 Mesa Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO  80014

This is a Free class offered to all adoptive families.  Register below to secure your spot. 

For More Information, contact:Jen Dale 303-755-4756
(toll free 1-800-451-5246) or by

Some heartbreaking news
In the above blog article you can read a little bit about the unfortunate and heartbreaking news given to 5 families from CHFS.
Five families who had attended their first court have been told that the court will not approve the adoption. There is the idea that the court had "passed" and that it is being overturned. I am not sure of the actual logistics of the situations, however, it is very discouraging for the families. They are effected by the orphanage closings and reshuffle  in Awassa. The children are to be placed back with their families.

While this is heartbreaking for the families involved and quite disheartening for countless other PAP's waiting...... I do want to say that the first and foremost interest is the child and ethics of adoption. We don't know the exact situations here, but the fact that there are birth families to which the children could be reunited in the opinion of the court says they are doing their job. We hope that the future does not bring more of this sad news to parents but instead makes these decisions ahead of time. This will increase the ethics of adoption in Ethiopia. We are sad for these families and hope that they are able to open their hearts to a new referral of a child who is truly available for adoption.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

synopsis of process to adopt

Here is a link to a blog with a great synopsis of the process to adopt a child. You may like to review this for yourself or share it with friends and family who are waiting with you. Either way, check it out and know you are in large company of others doing the same thing. Welcome.
See the synopsis on this wonderful blog:
My Faraway Daughter

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hearts at Home Mom Revolution

Hi friends and occasional readers,
We got this email from Family Time Today, which is an organization that help families do Family Time with purpose and organization and FUN FUN FUN! It is fun and we use their ideas. Anyway, they are helping to put on this mom conference and I thought some of you moms who are in COLORADO might like to go.
Check it out and see what you think.


Dear Friends,
Are you a mom? Do you know a mom? Please take a moment to read about this awesome event coming to Colorado Springs this fall from our friends at Hearts at Home!

Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions...

Moms need a place where they can

find answers to their questions.

You're invited to Mom Revolution, the 2011 Hearts at Home Western Conference, coming to Colorado Springs on October 7th-8th 2011.

Do you question if you're doing this 'mothering' thing right? Or are you enjoying every minute and feel like things have never been better?

Whatever it is you are feeling at the moment, it is perfectly normal and you are not alone!

Motherhood is the most fun, challenging, rewarding, stressful, and meaningful job you will ever have.

Come join us for inspiring keynote sessions with Jill Savage, Julie Barnhill, and comedienne Sally Baucke and more than 22 specialized workshops that will give you insight in how to meet the demands of everyday life as a mom.

This promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Some of this year's workshops include:

*  Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs

•  One Tough Mother: The Non-Negotiables of Stepping Up and Being the Mom

*  The God Who Sees You

*  10 Practical Principles to Help Our Children Learn to Discern

*  5 Secrets Every Man Wishes His Wife Knew

*  Momology: A Mom's Guide to Shaping Great Kids

In 2010, Hearts at Home Conferences impacted the moms of more than 11,500 children in 32 states!  This is the first year a conference has been in Colorado.  It's time to revolutionize YOUR mothering journey!



You're Invited to a Conference Call!

If you'd like to learn more about this life-changing event and why it has had such a profound effect on thousands of moms, you're invited to a sneak peek!

Join us for a 20-minute live call with Hearts at Home founder, Jill Savage on Tuesday, August 23rd at 8 p.m. MST. The call is free, but space is limited. Click HERE to reserve your place today!

Hearts at Home
1509 N. Clinton Blvd.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Phone:  309 828 MOMS

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adoption Basics for the Classroom with Debbie Riley

With school upon us this is a super opportunity to get some ideas on how to talk to your child's teacher about adoption and how to be sensitive to it in the classroom.

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Adoption Basics for the Classroom:
Expert advice on how to educate the educators
You have been talking to your child about adoption since he came home. But what about the time he spends at school? What does his teacher know about adoption? About birth parents? Does she know how to help him answer why he doesn't look like his mom?

Join Debbie Riley, the Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc. (C.A.S.E.), as she discusses how adoptive parents can educate the educators

This webinar will help you:
  • Talk to teachers about creating an adoption-sensitive environment
  • Educate teachers on managing discussions about adoption in school
  • Discover how much of your child's story to share
  • Learn how to handle some standard school projects (family trees, baby pictures)
Your purchase confirmation email will include a link to submit questions to Ms. Riley.

This webinar will not be available for purchase after the event. You will only receive access to the recorded version if you register for the live event.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

7:00 - 8:00 PM Central Time
Q & A: 8:00 - 8:30 PM Central Time
(Start Time: 7:00PM Central, 8:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Pacific)
Join the conversation on Twitter #abcwebinar

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fundraising Garage Sale

My daughter chooses something to raise money for each year. This year it is mosquito nets for Haiti. We are doing a fundraising garage sale. If you are local, come on out or donate today!

Multi Family Garage Sale: Haiti Benefit (2345 Viceroy Court, Colorado Springs)

Friday August 12, 8 AM to 3 PM. Saturday August 13, 8 AM to 12 noon. Multi family Garage Sale. Raising funds for Mosquito Nets to be distributed in Haiti.
Home baked goods and crafts, baby and kid items, teen clothing, house hold items. Little Tykes car, rocking chair, trikes and bikes, TWO tag-a-long bikes and child carrier bike trailer.

  • Location: 2345 Viceroy Court, Colorado Springs

Saturday, August 6, 2011

State Department on Orphanage closures in ET 7-2011 confirmation

Notice: Confirmation of Orphanage Closures in Ethiopia

Ethiopian government officials have confirmed that several orphanages in the Southern Nations state are closed due to revocation of their licenses to operate by Ethiopian authorities. 
These orphanages are:
  • SOS Infants Ethiopia (Arbaminch, Dilla, and Awassa branches)
  • Gelgella Integrated Orphans (Tercha and Durame branches)
  • Bethzatha Children’s Home Association (Sodo, Hosaena, Dilla, and Awassa branches)
  • Ethio Vision Development and Charities (Dilla branch)
  • Special Mission for Community Based Development (Hosaena branch)
  • Enat Alem Orphanage (Awassa branch)
  • Initiative Ethiopia Child and Family Support (Awassa branch)
  • Resurrection Orphanage (Hosaena branch)
According to officials in the Charities and Societies Agency office, which oversees the licensing and regulation of orphanages in Ethiopia, the children in the care of those facilities have already been transferred to other orphanages. 
Ethiopian officials indicate that cases involving orphaned children from these facilities that are already pending with the Federal First Instance court will continue to move forward.  The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa is working closely with Ethiopian officials to determine if children from these facilities who were previously referred for adoption or matched with prospective adoptive parents will be allowed to continue in the adoption process.  MOWCYA officials have confirmed that the affected children’s case files are currently being reviewed, a process that is expected to last at least one month.
We continue to ask prospective adoptive parents and agencies that hear news of specific closures to inform the Department.  Please send any specific information regarding orphanage closures to with the subject line “Ethiopia Orphanage Closures.”
Prospective and adoptive parents are encouraged to remain in contact with their adoption service provider to stay up-to-date on any information pertinent to their individual case.  The Department will post confirmed information on as we receive it.
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