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Monday, June 7, 2010

Therapist listings for Colorado and how to search in your area

I was recently asked to post on finding a therapist.
There are a bunch of on line searches you can do
and places to look for Attachment Therapists/Counselors.
Here are some listings for Colorado Therapy camps
and local Colorado Springs area therapists and some
ways to search in your area. Mostly a bunch of links.
Honestly, I don't know anyone who has used most of
these places, so check them out and get referrals. I am
not referring, just giving the resources. PLEASE
check them out for yourself first and if you know about
any of them, leave a comment and let me know too.
Especially if they are great or terrible ones on this
list or who you know of! Would definitely want to note
the great ones and delete the terrible ones. The ones
listed below are a mix of Spiritual-Christian-Secular
sort of options, not necessarily noted, so check them
out to see if it the type you are comfortable with.                                 _____________________________________________________________                                   
A local counselor who I have heard a great deal of positive 
things about, and I know two adoptive families who have 
used him and think he is super great, is Mark Beal, 
he can be contacted at:                          
Mark C. Beal, MSW, LSW
Social Worker, Parenting, Attachment,
EMDR, Trauma
We know people who have used Arnold Trillet as well
and like him a lot. Not adoptive  families however.
Colorado Springs, Colorado   719-260-8165                                              

Another counselor who has been recommended for
attachment as well as PTSD and play therapy is:                                                                                  
Gene Deloux
5875 Lehman Dr # 103a
Colorado Springs, CO 80918   
his office is on Lehman Rd just off Academy near Vickers __________________________________________________________

Sharon Blake L.P.C.                                                                                                                                      Pikes Peak Mental Health Center (EMDR and modified
attachment therapy)                            
179 Parkside Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: (719) 572-6306
Fax: (719) 572-6399
Jessie Peters LSCSW 
4344 Woodlands Blvd #160
Castle Rock, CO. 80104
Phone: (720) 384-5523
Fax: (303) 688-1036
Cynthia Richman MA, LPC 
Families Ties Counseling
10 Boulder Cresent Street, Suite 102H
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: (719) 477-0550
Fax: (719) 471-7840
The above recommendations come from
Families By Design
this will linkyou to the find a counselor/therapist in your area.
This center also does camps for kids and families.


Evergreen Psychotherapy Center: Attachment
treatment and training institute

Attachment Treatment and Training Institute, PLLC
32065 Castle Court, Suite 325
Evergreen, CO 80439

Phone: (303) 674-4029

Toll Free: (866) 674-4029

Fax: (303) 674-4078


The Family Attachment Center (FACe) is a non-profit counceling                                                                  center. They serve families with children age 0-17 who are having 
trouble with family attachments/behaviors. They have a ton of great
looking stuff on their web site. Be sure to check this option out. 
John Trentalange, MA, LPC and he is the founder and                                                                      Executive Director of The Family Attachment Center.

Our Preschool had him come to do some parenting classes 
this year. While I was unable to attend they seemed like really                                                                       great topics.                                                         ______________________________________________________________
This site Family Helper has a bunch of ideas and tells about attachment
issues and gives lots of resources.
There is a section with resources for locating a therapist.

A Children's Counseling Center and A New Day Adult Center     
Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs CO (719) 570-7188


a is a attachment therapist site and you can search
therapists in your state. Colorado is listed.

The following are suggested by :

Sharon Blake provides EMDR and modified attachment therapy.
She is associated with the Child and Family Services Network of
Pikes Peak Mental Health, which has several locations in
Colorado Springs and elsewhere in Colorado.

  • Pikes Peak Mental Health Center
  • 179 Parkside Drive
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910
  • Phone: 719-572-6306
  • Fax: 719-572-6399 
Pikes Peak Mental Health

Walter Buenning is a licensed psychologist in Colorado who
has been working in the mental health field for many years,
the past several years focused on families with children who
suffer from reactive attachment disorder. His current practice
is located in Colorado Springs, and consists almost entirely
of attachment therapy or attachment issues. His preference
is to do therapy in the home.

  • Walter D. Buenning, PhD. & Associates
  • PO Box 60146
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906-0146
  • Phone: 719-477-9033
  • Fax: 719-226-0746
  • Email:
Walter D. Buenning Ph.D. & Associates

Kathy Colman MSW, LCS   Associated with                                                                                           A Children's Counseling Center in Colorado Springs,                                                                   Colorado, Kathy Colman specializes in divorce, trauma,                                                                 attachment issues, depression, anxiety and others.

  • A Children's Counseling Center
  • 4251 Date Street
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917
  • Phone: 719-228-9300
  • Phone: 719-570-7188

  • A Children's Counseling Center
Laura Fourzan is associated with  
A Children's Counseling Center in Colorado Springs,
Colorado, where she specializes in play therapy, parenting,
family issues, attachment, depression, anxiety, and women’s

  • A Children's Counseling Center
  • 4251 Date Street
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917
  • Phone: 719-538-3264 (option 3)
  • Phone: 719-570-7188 
LindaS. Klein has been in private practice at  
A Children's Counseling Center in Colorado Springs,
Colorado since 1990. She specializes in play therapy,
family therapy, filial therapy, therapy with young children,
and attachment issues.

  • A Children's Counseling Center
  • 4251 Date Street
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917
  • Phone: 719-538-3264 (option 1)
  • Phone: 719-570-7188
Steven Gray is the owner and clinical director of
Gray Neuropsychology Associates, a Christian clinic
with offices in Irving, Texas and Colorado Springs.

  • Gray Neuropsychology Associates
  • 6270 Lehman Drive, Suite 200C
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
  • Phone: 719-487-1760
  • Fax: 719-487-1755
  • Email:

Julie K. Lindeman LCSW

  • 6270 Lehman Drive, Suite 200D
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
  • Phone: 719-460-4226
  • Fax: 719-599-0824
  • Email:

Jessie Peters LSCSW

  • 4344 Woodlands Boulevard #160
  • Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
  • Phone: 720-384-5523
  • Fax: 303-688-1036

Cynthia Richman MA, LPC

  • Families Ties Counseling
  • 10 Boulder Cresent Street, Suite 102H
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
  • Phone: 719-477-0550
  • Fax: 719-471-7840

Trauma Headquarters  This could be the place to start with
getting help. Talk to others who have been there.

The Institute For Attachment & Child Development
 P.O. Box 730, Kittredge, CO
Voice (303) 674-1910
Fax (303) 670-3983
Assessment and Evaluation provides comprehensive 
and reliable diagnostic information regarding attachment 
issues,utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies and tools. 
The focus is on the child, caregivers, and the child-caregiver 
relationship.Findings are easily translated into treatment / 
intervention plans. 

Child/Family Treatment                                                             

The 5-Week Program: The child is placed in a therapeutic
foster home for a 30 day diagnostic/stabilization period to
include therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication
management, neuro-feedback services and foster family
treatment. At the end of the 30 day period the family
spends a week with the child in attachment therapy 
and parent training.

They also offer a number of other options. Go check them out.
There is a search tool on Focus on the Family, to
find a counselor in your area. Her is the link for
that page. That would be an option
for those wanting a Christian therapist. .
Blair Skinner in Broomfield has come recommended by another adoptive family.
 Her website is
http://www.blairski index.html. <


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