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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny things kids say and a few photos

So, I think the boys are understanding English pretty well these days. Then funny things happen. It is the small underlying meanings, double meanings and descriptive words that get them. I tend to just speak adult talk to the kids and find that I am having to define words left and right. The boys have both used rather large complicated words in sentences, sometime correctly other times comically.

A small occurrence in the grocery store. I sent K over to get a "bunch of bananas". Ok, we all know a bunch means one clump all stuck together. He brought two and was trying to get a third. He picked the largest "bunches" as well. He came back and I told him such a good job helping mommy. He said, well you said to get a bunch. He thought I meant a lot of bananas. I am pretty sure my girls would have understood a bunch as one clump at age 5. Funny and cute. Of course we bought both bunches. :) They'll eat them.

In the car on the way home N randomly commented that he was not planning on "getting" any kids when he grows up. K was obviously startled and exclaimed that children are wonderful and he wants lots. I asked how many is lots (you know the "bunch" thing had just happened). He said "three, no six would be good." Then he counted out six on his fingers and said "no three more, that is nine. Nine kids that's how many!" How does he do that? He can't do math at home, but in the car he is a wiz. Then he went on with how he would buy them food and clothes and beds and they would all live in his house and he would bring them to visit me every time he came. I said," you better. I want to love all my grand-babies." We laughed. Then I said to N "it's ok if you don't want kids but Mommy is just wondering why you feel that way?" He says, "well, i don't really feel like going on an airplane when I get big." :) I said, not all kids come on airplanes and explained the various ways to adopt and have kids. He brightened up and said, "no I don't want kids, I want babies. And I don't want them to grow up. Maybe I will get a wife and then she will get a baby and then we can have just one of those and it will stay a baby." ...............Ok. He's four, I am sure he will change his mind later.

Despite telling them their stories, N still thinks he started to exist at age 3 when he came home to us. He is starting to relate the earlier parts of his life from my telling him, but he has virtually no memory of it. K on the other hand has lots of memory, much of which he still dreams about and comes to me so very sad in the night, but he can not or will not share it. The boys both love their life books and look at them nearly daily.

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  1. Thanks for sharing . . . it's great to hear about your life with the boys.


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