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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

looking for African American dolls

>If you are looking for some African American dolls, here are some good choices. I am a doll lover, so this was a fun thing for me to look up after someone posted a question looking for one. Maybe it will be helpful for others too. It is certainly not an end all be all list, but a good start.

The first ever African American Disney princess. Princess Tiana. You can buy them on Amazon already and the toddler doll is sooo cute. The "Barbie" style doll is great too. Amazon Princess Tiana, Amazon Princess Tiana Toddler.

Walmart has Madame Alexander 18" dolls, they are really cute and they have the African American one, an Asian one and a variety of Caucasian and Hispanic. These dolls have the NEW face. They are not available on line only in stores.

Toys R Us also has a line of Madame Alexander 18: dolls with an African American and Asian one. They do not have the new face.

Doll Market, page with lots of African American dolls, various styles baby to Barbie type, prices from $15 up. Lee Middleton doll for a good price. We have this one and love her.
Alexander on Doll Market. 18" play doll with curly black hair. They also have the NEW face dolls.

>doll at CostCo, friends forever dolls with book like American Girl dolls with book.

> This one is a baby doll and is $31.
> We have the Lee Middleton doll,
> she is WONDERFUL and worth the cost. We did find a discount,
> occasionally possible on line or in close out stores.
> BIG toddler doll $44

> Gotz 13" doll $20

> $60 Madame Alexander. I think she may be what you are looking for.
> VERY CUTE DOLL. I want one of these!!!!!!! I collect Madam's anyway. She is awesome.

> stand alone big girl doll. $75 with book, Kenyan. Like American Girl dolls.

> $58 not curly hair...... nice doll though, we have one like her. Costco may have this doll for less. They usually carry one like this, new every year.
> Maybe that will help.

Ok, on another note. I was looking for modest Barbie clothes and came up with a Barbie like doll marketed in Muslim countries. You can buy Fulla and her friends on line. I think she is really pretty. She has indoor clothes which are modern and modest. She has her outdoor clothes which consist of a long jacket like dress and her head scarf.  If she were less expensive I would be tempted to buy one for myself the doll junkie that I am. :)

If you are interested in cloth or rag dolls Pottery Barn has some cute ones.

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