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Saturday, October 11, 2008

doing great

Well, I think that many of you are wondering how we are doing. Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Things are a bit busy around here. I find I am not even checking in to email regularly. We are all doing great!!!! I can not emphasize that enough. We could not have asked for a better transition and better preparation for the boys for a new home and family. We have two very normal three year old boys. At this point the only thing is that they speak a lot of Amharic. They talk to each other all the time. English is coming more and more and they are really trying hard. They are SOOOOO cute and charming. No, they are not being good for mom and dad for the initial honeymoon time. They are NORMAL, they say no and get stubborn and all the other things that kids just do. We count this as credit to their birth parents who loved them and wanted them until they were separated in this life, and to the wonderful child care center they were brought to, the short time they were there and ultimately the providence of God. We are so grateful.
They have learned to say some cute things. In stores people talk to them, they say "hi boys, how are you?" they are learning to say, "I'm Happy!", which they truly are. Happiness exudes from them. They are just plain happy. They even go around the house saying in a humming sort of way, "happy, happy, happy, happy...." It is so cute. They are also often asked," what is your name?" so they are learning that that means you may say your name at that prompt. Another one is "how old are you?" They say back in a joyful and exuberant way, "I am three!". Then they smile really big and get silly. Of course they only do this when Mommy prompts them, but soon they will generalize. They are going to have to learn a respose to "are you twins?" Ummm no, not really. I can not believe the number of people who tell me they look so much a like and even identical. What!!!!???? They are from two different tribal groups. They look nothing alike other than skin color. I mean Nate does not even have curly hair. That is so funny. Ok back on topic. We also sing a lot and they have down a few songs: ABCDEFG.......; Jesus Loves Me; God is so Good; and we are learning My God is so Big... and also that infamous Barny song, I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. They will go through what will happen or what did happen with me. They tell me about our routine.... it is something like this at lunch time; " Mommy! uhh lunch, yes.....after uhh then book, yes..... then latenya time, uhhh sleeping time, yes. Stay in bed, no talking, stay in bed, mommy come (get) you, shoes on, go in the car, Phoebe and Olivia in the car, uhhh home, yes!" I affirm, yes this is what will happen, good job remembering and telling me all about it. Yesterday Dave came home a little early and took them all to the school down the road to ride bikes and play on the swings and slides. The boys came rushing in to tell me all about it. It went something like this, " Mommy! Daddy go in the car, Kedus, Nati, Phoebe, Olivia in the car, bikes in the car, ummm uhhh, go in the car, go bikes, home, yes!" It is just so cute. They are so eager to share it all too.
They love Big Bird and Elmo. They like Thomas the train and Lightning McQueen.
We have a great routine, everyone goes to school and work and then we have "school" in which Mommy tries her hardest to get the boys to remember their colors, next to impossible, and to correctly name all sorts of other objects, which is generally a sinch. What is up with the colors I don't know. We just thought of the fact that some boys are colorblind, maybe this is their deal, but, who knows right now. We also play matching games and copy me games that are physical and educational. Then we watch Seseme Street. Then they play and I do "something" which usually is not much because I play inbetween. Then it is lunch and then the nap routine, which includes singing and reading, when they are both up from that we go get sisters from school and then it is snack and play with sisters time and then Daddy comes home, and that is the highlight of the day. Daddy is the man! Dinner and bedtime routine which includes family devotions, prayer and singing and mommy rocking time alone. Of course in there are are the things we do with the girls and time for mom and dad too.
My mom comes to help me on Thursdays, that is a great day! So, the boys are getting used to her, she will be the baby sitter. We tried out a short stint for parent teacher conferences, they boys were a little unsure, but they were fine and happy when we got home. All is well.
Dave's dad is visiting and the boys were shy at first but have warmed up considerably in just a few hours.
Kedus is really artistically inclined. I think he and the girls will have a great time with art. He is also really skilled physically, that will be an asset as he is so small. Nate is the funny boy. Always finding a way to be silly. We are working with him on appreciating him when he is not silly too, so that he sees that we like him and others will to. Be silly, but don't hide behind it.
It will be very helpful when they get english communication down. There is a lot lost in comprehenstion of what mom and dad want them to do and what they want to tell us. They are generally good natured and fairly compliant to a healthy degree.
Phoebe and Olivia are doing really well too. They are learning to define their own space and needs and stand up for that kindly and persistantly. The boys are learning to respect that. It is good for them to have the routine of school and that consistancy. Our home routine is good for them too. Predictable. This week is October break and we are delighted to have them home for a week. Dave will get some time off too. Phoebe, at almost 11, is mature enough, in our opionion to handle Harry Potter and has started the first book. Still waiting to see if she likes it. Olivia, is starting the Fablehaven books and so far loves it, that is just her thing. If you like Fantasy like she and I do, go check out the Fablehaven books, there are two now! This is reading on the same level as Harry Potter but not as heavy in subject matter. Much better than the wonderful Spiderwick series which are rather easy reads. The girls are doing very well in school and enjoying every bit of it really. Olivia has really blossomed and is much more sociable than in past years and talks about several girls who she plays with, not just the one or two friends. She is doing well in school and is becoming more motivated as she understands more. She is becoming more balanced too. We recently learned that her reading ability and comprehensiton is significantly higher than her grade level. She is doing great this year and we are so proud of her. Phoebe is a gem of a friend, really, not to brag or anything, but the kind of friend every parent wants for their own daughter. She is a motivated and eager student and that makes her a joy for her teachers. She strives for her best, and lands right in at the gifted and talented student level, not that we have that at TCA, but, she just is. We are not pushy parents, we just want them to do their best at their own pace. They certainly out pace me! What fantastic kids.
We plan to go up to the Ethiopian Evangelical Church tomorrow and then to an Ethipoian restaurant. The boys will go nuts over the Injera!!! They have not had it since the night we left Ehthiopia. Dave's dad and my parents are going to come with us. That ought to be an experience for everyone. Dave and I did this before we went but did not have the girls with us for that outing.
Enough for now. Happy update. :)

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