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Friday, August 29, 2008

amazing kids... all 4!

Hi all,
I has been an interesting almost two weeks home. I have been SOOOO sick. Then Phoebe got it, Keds got it, Dave got it and something else. No one got it as bad as me. Now it is August allergies setting in for me, so I doubt I will fully recover any time soon. But, I am feeling pretty good, and almost normal, which is more than I can say for the first 6 months after the birth of our two daughters. :)

I have been playing some games with the boys to test their ages. I am convinced that Kedus' sister is accurate in her age and birthday for Kedus, not that I ever doubted it. Kedus is an overachiever. Nate is right up there with Keds as we are pretty sure that he is actually 3 and likely 4 next SPRING. His personality is not as type A, so he lacks motivation and he is very casual and layed back. He tends to be average to underachiever. Since this discovery, they will be in the same grade. We think due to their personalities being so very different they will do best in different classrooms. So, do I have twins, well almost! Nate was given Aug as an estimate when we first got his papers. Not likely. On his newly issued Ethiopian Birth certificate it says he is 3 in November. But, he is already 3 as best as we can figure.

Last night I went to the parent orientation for Phoebe and Olivia's classes. There are some great changes at TCA this year and I would guess at a credit going to our new curriculum-character director, who was Olivia's second grade teacher. She is AWESOME! Most schools do not have this position, she works with the staff and oversees and directs the material and how it is presented, she makes the school cohesive in educational material and presentation, anyway good things this year! The teachers we are blessed to have this year are phenomenal. We are so excited for the year.

When I left home everyone was fine with that. Dave said that it was ok with the boys until it was bed time. The lights out and kisses ended with crying for mommy. Ok, that is sad and all, but I was happy that they BOTH wanted me! Kedus is now napping on my lap to be sure I do not go anywhere at this sleeping time. This morning Keds and Nate were talking and we got the idea that they were recounting last night and mommy going and not there at bed time and now look she is here! Then daddy will go to work and he comes home when we are awake seemed to be the next part of the story. Well, I am sure they will get used to that idea soon enough. They are very happy when everyone comes home from school and work each day.

Phoebe and Olivia have exceeded our hopes for them in big sisterhood and big big sisterhood. Phoebe is very nurturing and motherly, but that seems to work ok. They still know mommy vs. sister. Olivia is fun and she plays, she is exuberantly sought after. Oluvia is what they call her. They are both a big help. We are glad that we can still talk at dinner and other times. It is good to have the boys go to be early and then we have time with the girls. So far so good.

Here are a few photos.

"When all the chores are done, the avid gardener will invent some new ones." Unknown Gardener

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